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May 21st
Yay! School's almost out, and you know what that means! SUMMER PARTIES! ^_^
Mtv's got another contest going down, and yes, of course. This contest is the "MTV's Paint the Town PINK Sweepstakes". Tight, huh? Here's a link to some info about that, and also a form to get signed up: http://www.mtv.com/sweepstakes/paint_the_town_pink/
March 4, 2002
Okie dokie peoples. Phew! I finally got my account back (for those of you who knew that) I was trying to create another web site on Tripod, and I thought I overwrote this one since it never showed up when I logged under this account. I guess now that I published most of that other site, I got this one back. Thank goodness, I needed to post things still. :p And we all know that Pink is going to make more cd's, so that would be more lyrics to post. :p Well speaking of posting.........I posted a link to Cosmo Girls website, so you need to check that out, and keep your eyes open for their June/July issue if you just can't get enough of everything Pink. ^_~